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Barilla Bolognese sauce

Brand: Barilla

Product Code: barilla 01

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Product info : This Barilla sauce is a classic Bolognese pasta sauce.

Barilla Bolognese Sause is for 4 portions.

Ingredients : Chopped Tomatoes 37.9%, Tomato Concentrate, Onions 13%, Beef 9.7%, Pork 9.7%, Celery 4.1%, Carrots 3.5%, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sugar, Thyme, Sage Extract, Black Pepper, Bay Leaves.




Suggestion pasta : Choose from our selection of Barilla pasta (long and short) for a quick, easy and tasty dinner. We recommend Barilla Tagliatelle all'uovo or Pappardelle all'uovo.

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